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Venturing Banquet 
Get to know fellow Venturers from across SHAC and celebrate achievements inside our program. 

Invite your whole crew  – and prospective Venturers!  Venturing Banquet is held virtually this year and starts at 6:00pm on August 15, 2020

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Council Venturing Committee

The council has a great committee supporting the Venturing Officers Association (VOA).  If you are interested in becoming more involved at the council level, consider joining one of our committee meetings. The committee typically meets in January, March, and September. Check the calendar for specific dates. is a tool prospective families use to find units to join. has a Google pin for every unit. Is your unit information up to date, or do you have the unit leader from three years ago as your contact?  Unit leaders can update your unit information to make it EASY for new Scouting families to find your unit by logging into and looking under Unit Tools, selecting BeAScout, and then clicking on Unit Pin Management.


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